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| April 23, 2021

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#ColourFest: Discover Revlon Professional’s® New Magnet Range

#ColourFest: Discover Revlon Professional’s® New Magnet Range
Sam Robinson

Revlon Professional® wants every hairdresser to challenge everything they know about technical services. WHY? Because, on a day-to-day basis, advanced expertise is needed to give customers perfect color results with maximum respect for their hair and the possibility of damage and breakage during the service is a source of worry for both hairdressers and their clients, especially when hair is sensitized or very porous.


New MagnetTM is the ultimate end-to-end 360° solution for chemically treated hair to empower
hairdresser ́s technical skills to overcome any technical challenge with confidence.
All the products every hairdresser needs before, during and after any technical service, under a single range for every salon to perform with no limits.

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The essential products to prepare, protect and repair hair.
• RESET hair to equalize porosity before any technical service with Ultimate Pre-Technical Equalizer.
• REBUILD hair with Ultimate Technical Additive by adding it to all color & lightening mixtures.
• REBALANCE hair after any technical service with Ultimate Post Technical Shampoo.
• RECOVER hair integrity after any technical service with Ultimate Post Technical Treatment.
• REPAIR hair and shield it against external aggressors with Ultimate Daily Fix & Shield.
• RESEAL and reconstruct hair with Ultimate Reparative Melting Balm.


The lightening range to achieve the boldest blond looks with up to 9 levels of lift.
• HIGH LIFT with Ultimate Powder 9 for extreme lifting without compromising hair integrity
• MEDIUM LIFT with Ultimate Powder 7 (ammonia-free) for medium lifting with maximum hair respect.
• LOW LIFT with Ultimate Soft Lightener Cream (ammonia-free) to clean and even pre-lightened hair.
• OPTIMIZE any lightening result thanks to Magnet TM Blondes Ultimate Oil Developers: Oil based formulas for high respect available in 3 different strengths: 10 vol.(3%), 20 vol.(6%), 30 vol.(9%)


New MagnetTM offers a 360o approach in the fight against external aggressors (pollutants, UV radiation, chemical and mechanical factors) since all of them interfere negatively with hair’s appearance, health and shininess, even down to its very structure. The metals already present in polluted hair will interact badly with the hydrogen peroxide needed in coloring and lightening services, generating free radicals that can break the keratin bonds, making the final color
unpredictable and unreliable.




At the heart of MagnetTM lies Bond IN SystemTM: a protective, rebonding and repairing multistep system – whose combined action protects existing bonds, repairs broken ones and creates new ones to help hair stay strong from the inside out, providing a 360° protective shield around chemically treated hair to fight against external aggressors. 


While performance is a non-negotiable for the salons, hair strength is a must have for any premium technical range. MagnetTM challenges hair ́s strength during lightening services delivering 3 times stronger hair* with powerful lifting and unparalleled cosmeticity.o


New time efficient Blonding trendy techniques created together with Raquel Saiz, Revlon Professional® Brand Ambassador and blonding expert that combine the best of MagnetTM
and the all new Color Excel Gloss by RevlonissimoTM , Revlon Professional’s first demi-permanent acid toning range.

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