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| January 17, 2022

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Colour Lowdown Post Lockdown

Colour Lowdown Post Lockdown
Sam Robinson
Brian Leo McCallum at ROAR Hair and Beauty looks at how guests’ attitudes towards colour have changed post lock-down, and how to reignite their excitement for it. 

‘Following lockdown there is a different energy around colour amongst our guests. Some guests are happy to go longer between appointments following such a long period of time they had to endure thanks to Covid. Other guests are enjoying their natural colour, whilst other guests are happy to stick with the box dye they picked up when your salon was closed. At ROAR we have had to work to excite our guets again, inspire them when it comes to colour and reignite their passion, almost.

As we move into the middle of winter, there is a noticeable shift in colour trends. It’s important to communicate this with your guests. You are the expert. Guests are looking to you for inspiration, advice and expertise. We have noticed more variation and experimentation with colour even as we move into the colder months, for example. I have put together some colour trends that I have noticed emerging. Share your ideas with your clients, encourage them to try something new.

Amythest Jewel

Think soft pinks and jewel toned lilacs. This is a softer tone of the classic violet that has been popular previously. It allows your clients to play around with bolder hair colour whilst remaining soft enough to ease them in gently. Pair this colour with a cool crop or a blunt bob for a seriously chic style.

Nearly Nude

We have seen a movement towards client embracing their natural colour and looking for slight enhancements to bring their natural colour to life. Expect to see more of this throughout AW21. Made for your more mature clients specially to work with their natural greys to refresh and revive the colour.

Reverse Balayage

Low maintenance colour is where it’s at this season. Clients want gorgeous colour that will last. Gone are the days of the majority of clients rebooking every 6 weeks for a root touch up. Refresh existing highlights with a soft root stretch and go no lighter than one shade lighter than the clients natural base for the most seamless finish.

Copper Dreams

Dream of the colours you see in the sky as sunset closes in. The beauty of this trend is the freedom to create your own masterpiece. Your own interpretation of reds, coppers, orange and auburn tones. This colour isn’t for the faint hearted.

Creamy California Blonde

Blondes are always on trend. This Autumn/Winter it’s all about creamy, seamless blondes. Clients want their blonde to melt beautifully into their natural colour. Give it that ‘lived in’ feel whilst keeping it bright and vibrant around their face to warm their complexion as the cold nights draw in.

Toffee Nut

Warm, nutty tones work perfectly with brown tones. This trend is made for the client that wants to add a little warmth to their colour without any commitment. Think neutral tones with a glossy, high shine finish throughout. Perfect to add dimension and depth through the use of colour’- Brian Leo McCallum.

For more info on the brand, visit Roar Hair and Beauty here.