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| July 21, 2024

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Clown couture and nomads

Clown couture and nomads
Joanne Charlton

Master Artists from around the world shared creative inspiration and new techniques onstage in Minneapolis for the finale of NOMAD: Aveda Congress 2013.

A spectacular hour-long, circus-inspired evening performance from Aveda Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders and her team, set the scene. Then it was up to guest artists from Europe, Asia and North America to match up to the performance called The Greatest Show on Mother Earth – and the did a good job.

2013 Aveda CongressFor her much anticipated evening performance at Aveda Congress 2013, Antoniette brought the circus to town. The awe-inspiring spectacle featured more than 40 models and performers that merged circus and fashion into a never-before-seen “clown couture” that left the audience gasping with delight.

“Circus troupes were the original nomads,” said Antoinette. “They travelled from town to town and worked extremely hard, just like us. The members of my team are all nomads who come from different parts of the world, and all of our lives are like a circus. But we’re here because we love to create things, and that’s what my evening performance is all about—creating amazing, beautiful hair that inspires others.”

Aveda Congress, a global celebration of the craft of hairdressing, honours top talent from around the world, inspiring and educating with technical and creative presentations, while fostering a deep sense of connection to Aveda’s heritage of distinctive artistry and environmental responsibility.

Fresh off his 2013 NAHA Hairdresser of the Year win, Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling took to the Aveda Congress 2013 stage with a three-segment show that featured hair styles inspired by his winning collection.

Self-proclaimed Japanophile Ricardo Dinis, had a distinctive kimono theme. Each hair cut featured graphic angles, strong lines and a mixture of male and female hair cutting techniques to create androgynous shapes.

There were to many guest artists to mention them all but congratulations was certainly in order for all who took to the stage.

To remind guests of Aveda’s dedication to the art of beautiful hair with an environmental conscience, the day ended with a celebration of the brand’s annual Earth Month campaign and top fundraisers who helped raise more than $5.2 million this April for Clean Water projects around the world.

2013 Aveda Congress