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| May 27, 2020

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Sam Robinson

For so many of us, achieving the perfect work-life balance can be difficult but for those who are salon owners or salon managers, juggling an incredibly busy salon life and at home life, it can be even harder. Not only do you have to work on the salon floor and fulfil an extremely busy column, but you also have to manage the team all whilst balancing a busy home life, especially if you are a parent. In this piece, we chat to Carly Price, Partner Stylist at Muse of London, and devoted mum, about how she achieves the perfect work-life balance…

Have you changed your work-life balance since having children?

I now only do two days a week at the Muse of London salon. However, these days are very full on and are as though I am doing a full working week, as I run a very full column and try my best to squeeze in my regular clients, as well as new clients. Although this can be full on it gives me more time throughout the week to spend with my family and son and I’m now in the routine that it feels like a nice balance.

How do you find the best way to juggle your workload?

Being a Partner at the salon, I often have a lot of emails that I need to go through in regards to ideas for our salon photo-shoots, marketing of the salon etc. It’s easier for me to look at these at home, as I have such busy days in the salon, however, I don’t want to be checking my phone whilst I’m with my son, so I always make time at night to check my emails when he is in bed and also organise any new appointments that may have came in.

What are the biggest challenges in trying to obtain the perfect work-life balance?

One of the biggest challenges is that you can feel like you are consumed in work sometimes and that’s not fair on you or your family. Managing a team, handling such a busy column and having children can be hard to juggle, but once you get the hang of it and you prioritise your time and have a good routine in place, everything will be more structured, calmer and feel a lot more easier to manage.

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Any other tips on achieving the perfect work-life balance?
• Know your work hours and try and stick to them – the rest of your time should allow you to relax and prioritise your family and friends.
• Set aside certain time each week to do your admin as well as your goals for the week – whether this is creating rotas for your team or sending emails, you should try to find a day and time once a week to do this and catch up. It’s also worth setting aside time, ideally at the start of the week or on a Sunday before the week begins, to write a list of tasks/goals for the week for yourself and your team.
• If you need support, ask for it. There will be other team members who will be happy to help!
• Set your priorities. This can be done at the same time when you look at your goals/tasks for the week, and will allow you to have a note of what tasks are most important and should be looked at first when you are back in the salon.
• Allow time for yourself to wind down. Having a busy work and home life can be a lot, so remember to take time out for yourself, whether it’s a relaxing spa day, holiday or just a day home relaxing. This will relax your mind and allow you to be more focused throughout the week.

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