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| July 26, 2021

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Fellowship For British Hairdressing: 4 Events In 1 Day

Fellowship For British Hairdressing: 4 Events In 1 Day
Sam Robinson

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing have been having quite the busy time as of late, as they hosted four fantastic events all on the same day. First up was a cutting workshop with Jake Unger from HOB Salons, Paul Jamieson from Mahogany Hairdressing and Karoliina Saunders. Next came the Project X photoshoot, mentored by Luke Benson and shot by Kai Wan. The Colour Project were then mentored by Christel Lundqvist in a day at her salon focusing entirely upon colour. Finally, the F.A.M.E. Team spent the day with Sam Burnett learning more about the session world and the techniques and tips they can use to maximise their time on set.

More About The Project X Shoot 

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project X team shot their first collection, in a  shoot set up by mentor Kai Wan, and art  directed by session stylist Luke Benson. The team shot at Direct Digital in London,  where they created 10 looks on five models –  all a variation on blonde, with diverse tones  and styling. 

A Fantastic Day

Luke had prepped and briefed the team in  advance, theming the shoot around a girl  band in a garage – each with their own image  and character. Project leader turned  photographer for the day, Kai Wan, shot the  collection, for a full Fellowship collective  effort.

Luke says: “I had a fantastic day with the  Project X team. I was so honoured to be  asked to art direct their shoot, and the effort  they put in – not only on the day, but in the  planning too – has lead to amazing results.” 

Tiny Details Make All The Difference

Team member Lois Negus adds: “I took so  much away from this day as I love doing  session hair. It was so interesting to see first  hand how Luke comes up with his ideas and  how he works with the models, makeup  artists, stylist and photographer to create the  perfect collection. He made me realise that  the tiny details make all of difference.” 

Find out more about the Fellowship Hair here.