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| February 26, 2020

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Your Hair Check-Up With The OCS Hair Doctor

Your Hair Check-Up With The OCS Hair Doctor
Sam Robinson

We’ve checked in with the OCS Hair Doctors to discover their top tips on identifying and helping to heal damaged hair. Here’s what we’ve found out.

How can a hairdresser identify hair that is in bad condition? 

The Wet Stretch Test is a vital tool for all Organic Colour Systems users and actually, every hairdresser worldwide. It allows you to determine the protein and moisture levels in the hair to ensure that you use the right reconstructive treatment, prior to your service. It is important to have the optimum levels of protein and moisture in the hair to accept and hold colour, maintain a healthy shine and to avoid split ends. Take about 10 strands of hair and wet thoroughly from root to tip. Using your forefingers wrap the hair round and clamp with your thumbs. Then stretch the hair between your hands. You should perform the same method at the roots, mid-lengths and ends. Hair that stretches and returns is healthy, hair with little to no stretch is lacking in moisture, hair that stretches but does not return to its previous length is lacking in protein and hair which stretches and breaks is very, very low in protein. This is the best way of determining the health of the hair which is why it should be used on every single client before any service. At Organic Colour Systems we have a uniquely formulated treatment to use on each Wet Stretch Test result. One of the great things about the Wet Stretch Test is that you can perform it in front of your client at the station, so they can visibly see the difference in their results before and after a treatment.

Can you tell visually how bad the damage is?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. With thousands of hair care products out there containing plastics, it is near impossible to tell what condition the client’s hair is in, just by looking at it. Plastic in many hair care products works to mask any damage by artificially coating the hair to make it appear shiny and healthy, smoothing any split ends down. This is misleading as it is what lies beneath the plastic coating that you are actually working with, and what is actually deemed healthy or not. We have a Clarify Shampoo for any clients that come in with the tell-tale signs of plastic coated hair. It is important to clarify the hair to remove the plastic coating to then perform the Wet Stretch Test to see exactly what you are working with.

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What is the secret to caring for hair?

The secret to caring for hair is developing a strict but maintainable hair care regime. Just like our skin, our hair is extremely complex and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. This is why having a range of hair care products that are specially formulated, using a unique green science, to identify specific hair care needs is vital.
Here at Organic Colour Systems we have a hair care system, including a once a week treatment, formulated for each of the four Wet Stretch Test results. A hair care regime consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment will result in healthy hair with long lasting colour. It is extremely important to avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemical ingredients such as SLS and SLES because these actually strip hair of colour and any goodness. Our colours actually protect and nourish the hair even during the colouring process because they are designed to work within the hairs optimum pH levels and to work harmoniously with our care range, to give beautiful hair colour without damage.

Why is it important to target the individual hair type for the best results?

The condition of your clients’ hair is extremely important when it comes to hair colour. Hair that is in good condition accepts and holds on to colour better. Our range of specially formulated care products work as part of our System to repair the structure of your clients’ hair from deep inside the cortex through to the outer cuticle layers, whilst also nourishing, protecting and maintaining excellent hair health. The Organic Colour Systems Care range allows you to address the specific needs of every client’s hair and offer a bespoke service with outstanding results. 

What are the benefits of a natural approach?

The benefits of opting for a more natural and organic approach to hairdressing are far more than just the condition and health of the hair. At Organic Colour Systems we never test on animals, our colours are biodegradable and we ensure that our packaging is recyclable therefore doing our bit, and helping our salons do their bit, for the environment. We use the lowest possible amount of chemicals, including the lowest possible amount of PPD, and we steer clear of harsh chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, resorcinol and formaldehyde. This means that stylists are safe in the knowledge that they are not breathing in any nasty chemicals and in turn, neither are their staff or clients. 

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How long should it take for the client to notice some changes?

It is important that clients commit to their journey. Organic Colour Systems is different to anything that they may have tried before. All of our care products work from within to repair the structure of the hair. For the first few weeks while our products work their magic, clients’ hair may not as feel as silky soft as it does with other shampoos and conditioners (because of the plastics we discussed earlier!) But rest assured, once clients start seeing that their hair is actually healthier, especially with the Wet Stretch Test, they see that their journey to healthy hair has been worth it. The length of time it takes depends on the products that clients use at home, in salon and what condition their hair was in to start with.

How long should they continue with a service?

Until they have healthy Wet Stretch Test results!

How can the stylist prescribe the correct regime, and become educated in what that is?

Our Education Programme is designed to give stylists the confidence and the information they need, as well as a hands on experience, to get to know how our System works. Our Salon Mentors teach how to analyse the hair using our Wet Stretch Test, followed by a lesson in detoxing and pre-treating the hair before applying colour.

You can find out more about the brand over at Organic Colour Systems here.