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| November 26, 2020

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Yamamoto gets RUSH’d

Yamamoto gets RUSH’d
Joanne Charlton

Members of Rush Hair were called upon to style the hair at the highly anticipated Fashion in Motion: Kansai Yamamoto show at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Yamamoto is known for his production of ‘super-shows’, which combine fashion with music, dance and entertainment on a large scale, and this one didn’t disappoint.

The Rush Hair team worked hard backstage to create styles to compliment Yamamoto’s striking designs perfectly. The concept behind the show collection was the Japanese word BARARA, meaning to dress freely.

“BASARA is the opposite of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which is underplayed and modest; it is colourful and flamboyant and it lies at the heart of my design. I am excited to present this to at the V&A,” said Yamamoto.

With this in mind, the Rush Hair team set about creating a wide range of unique hairstyles which reflected this ostentatious concept. “The whole experience was incredible,” said Sam Burnett. “It was an honour to work closely with such an iconic figure in the fashion industry and the show left us all feeling incredibly inspired.”