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| November 26, 2020

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Work the metallics trend

Work the metallics trend
Joanne Charlton

Every season has its big trends but it’s rare to see a global fashion story working its magic, literally, from head to toe. That was before metallics hit the runway. Fashionistas across the globe watched as shimmering metallics sashayed into every fashion capital, adding a shimmer from highlights to high tops, bobs to bags, curls to coats.

Clynol Viton S Tube

Clynol tapped into the trend to create a fabulous new seasonal range of warm fashion shades. The Platinum Fashion Collection will help your clients refresh their look to give it an on-trend spin that’s cool, sleek, rich and unmistakeably 2014.

With five iridescent shades, blended with cool ash tone direction and lustrous cold reflexes, Clynol Viton’s Platinum Fashion Collection is here to turn every client onto cool metallics. It’s super easy-to-use and will work on any shade – perfect in a full head of colour or a great way to add fashion highlights to light or darker base tones.

The metallic finish is sleek and subtle, a confident way to showcase the trend, and every shade can be mixed either together or with any of three baseline shades to create multiple colour options for a sophisticated choice of finished effects.

As this season’s must-have trend, Clynol Viton’s Platinum Fashion Collection is here to help hairdressers find fashion followers everywhere, all looking for a trend-driven take on 2014 that will instantly update their look. And to help get the message across to every client, Clynol has created a range of targeted marketing materials, from posters to banners, door stickers to appointment cards, easel graphics, each piece beautifully shot to show how metallic shades can enhance every look and hue, inspiring clients to try something new and bring fresh business to your salon.


“The team and I have loved playing around with these shades on different bases and a variety of hair types. We have really put it through its paces, but these new shades from Clynol Viton S have proven to be very robust and reliable, giving great coverage on all levels.,” says Melenie Tudor from En Route Hair & Beauty in Wakefied.

“Truthfully, the new platinum ashy shades have blown us away from the coolest, bitter chocolate with a hint of extra ash through to a glorious flat but rich auburn. We’ve had a lot fun mixing it up with these six new shades – topping up Ombre ends with a medium ash copper gold blonde, working the shades into full head colours and testing for coverage of grey. Our overall verdict? We think the Platinum shades are a fantastic addition to Clynol’s Viton S collection.”

Clynol. Shaped by Stylists.

Clynol Viton S £7.95 per tube