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| April 19, 2021

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Rebecca Parker

As part of Wella Education’s #anytimeanywhere campaign we find out how salon owners have utilised Wella Education courses to get ahead in the industry.

Hani Jarcheh – Abstract Hairdressing, Beaconsfield, shares his experience. 

How long has Wella been your brand partner? 

I’ve been using Wella’s education for the best part of 15 years.

Tell us about the education you have participated in over the last couple of years, including in-salon and external. 

I have experienced pretty much all of Wella’s education. I’ve personally been on the business courses, the inspirational and trends courses and many of the cut, colour and style courses. They have all been excellent.

 What do you think is so good about Wella education? 

We frequently have in-salon training and it is always hugely beneficial. We have had some incredible educators, and that’s what makes Wella education stand out. As a salon owner, I would say the more you expose your staff to training, the more they want to learn and the stronger they become.  There will always be team members who don’t want to learn, and in our salon they don’t tend to stay too long, but the ones that embrace education truly reap the rewards.

 What is the best Wella course you’ve been on? Tell us about it? 

The most influential course that Wella does is the Master Colour Programme. When you send a member of your team on this course, is takes them to another level. It gives them so much confidence and truly arms with the tools to grow their colour business significantly.

I am planning on sending every single person on it, because it genuinely is incredible. It is getting better and bigger. It’s really quite understated and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve had staff complete the Master Colour Programme and then increased their colour business by 30%. That’s impressive.

The other courses I have most enjoyed are the business courses. I personally have found them really worthwhile and benefitted from it.

Have you tried out Wella’s online education? How did you find it to use?  

Yes. I think it is an amazing idea, but I have yet to truly embrace it.

 Why do you think education is important?  

Without education you can not move the business forward. I want a salon full of experts in order for us to be the best salon we can possibly be. Education breads success. Without education you can’t move forward.

 How do you use Wella to ensure your staff are the best out there?  

We’re constantly training our staff – sending them on courses and having educators come in the salon. We are in a position now where we are renowned for our education and for our exceptional standards, which attracts staff to want to work with us and in turn grows our business.