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| October 20, 2021

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Vish start partnership with Green Salon Collective

Vish start partnership with Green Salon Collective
Sam Robinson

Salons seeking a greener future will find it easier following the move by Vish Colour Management to partner with Green Salon Collective to promote sustainability. Together, the brands are to champion a community of salons and businesses united in lessening the salon industry’s impact on the environment.

Green Salon Collective

“We are delighted to work so closely with a like-minded brand such as Green Salon Collective,” said Tom Bentley-Taylor, Managing Director of Vish EMEA. “Vish represents a real opportunity for salons to reduce in-salon colour waste, giving an excellent ROI, while GSC will step in, catch and divert all other hard-to-recycle materials from going to landfill. Together we can really help our industry move towards greater sustainability.”

Greener Practices

In the one year since launch, Green Salon Collective has already diverted more than 25 tonnes of hard-to-process waste, including chemicals, hair, and metal, away from landfill and into more sustainable channels. Meanwhile, Vish recently celebrated three million formulas mixed by stylists across the globe, contributing to a drop of between 25% and 40% in the chemicals they’ve dispensed, bringing down unnecessary waste while pushing up savings.

For a Greener Industry

“Green Salon Collective is about working collectively to help the beauty industry become more sustainable and improve our image with our increasingly climate-conscious clientele, so Vish is a natural partner for us,” said Fry Taylor, ex-hairdresser and one of the founders and general manager of GSC. “Together, we hope to reduce the barriers salons face when making the choice to be sustainable”

The Partnership

Vish and GSC will work together to build an understanding of sustainability and how it impacts positively on businesses, while proving it need not cost the earth to save the planet.
“Being more sustainable doesn’t have to be about changing everything in a salon overnight or paying premium prices,” added Tom. “Cutting back on waste and diverting what you do have away from landfill alone makes a major contribution towards a greener, long-term future.”

For more info on the brands, visit Vish here, and GSC here.