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| January 26, 2021

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VEGETARIAN WEEK: PATRICK MARROW Talks Environmentally Friendly Brands

VEGETARIAN WEEK: PATRICK MARROW Talks Environmentally Friendly Brands
Sam Robinson

As Vegetarian Week kicks off today, Crazy Color Ambassador and Owner of Hive MCR, Patrick Marrow talks salons and environmental consciousness. 

Brand Responsibility

With most of the world being a little more environmentally conscious, we are all looking at being a little kinder to our furry friends and our planet. Vegetarianism is growing rapidly and colour brands such as Crazy Color work tirelessly to keep their brand responsible as well as in line with people’s ethics and values.

Positive Impact

Whether or not you’re a veggie or vegan, there’s no denying the fact that it has this has a positive impact on the world we live in and it is something we should all strive towards. Lots of small actions from a large number of people will make a significant difference and brands such as Crazy Color are pioneering this movement in the hair industry.

No Excuse For Animal Testing

Not only are Crazy Color vegan they are also cruelty free and this is something they feel strongly about. It is just yet another reason that I love the brand and really resonate with them. With lots of people willing to trial products for a small fee, there really is no excuse for animal testing in today’s climate and this is something brands need to take note of.

Setting The Tone

Brands like Crazy Color have set the ethical tone and by supporting them you are in turn supporting the incredible work they do to be kind to our environment however you have a responsibility too as a salon owner. You have a duty to take recycling and reusing materials seriously and do everything in your power to become more sustainable. What does your salon do to be kind to our planet?

For more info on the brands, you can visit Crazy Color here, and Hive MCR here.