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| May 22, 2022

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under arrest

under arrest
Joanne Charlton

Guy Kremer became one of seven Hampshire businessmen arrested in front of staff and the public by the local police for shocking crimes such as wearing too much tweed, inappropriate use of hair styling products [this was Guy’s crime] and attending raves beyond a reasonable age. Even the town crier was on site, ringing his bell to make sure everyone nearby knew of their arrests.

It was of course a fundraising stunt in aid of BDFA, a charity supporting families whose children suffer from Batten Disease, a rare and terminal degenerative brain disease with no cure. Funds were raised by donations to bail Guy from jail.

“Children who get the disease are born apparently healthy but they develop epilepsy and dementia, lose their sight, their ability to walk and talk – it’s a terrible illness,” says Guy.

“The salon team were a great support, wearing special Free Guy Kremer t-shirts and waving placards declaring my innocence. Although I hid from the police when they arrived, as I raised over £2,000 in bail money, they said I was a model prisoner. A total of £7,620 was raised on the day, proving we criminals have hearts of gold.”