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| July 7, 2020

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Trevor Sorbie: Behind The Scenes At Salon International

Trevor Sorbie: Behind The Scenes At Salon International
Rebecca Parker

The Trevor Sorbie team are coming to Salon International and they have something very special planned! Although the specifics are top secret, we’ve been able to get Artistic Director Tom Connell to share a few sneaky details with us!


“It’s not just about showcasing a new collection for us, we’re also interested in exploring how ideas are formed, then developing these live on stage. It’s about taking our audience on a journey with us, and allowing them to really understand our process and how we think. Our aim is to inspire other hairdressers to look at the world around them differently; as a constant source of ideas waiting to be Explored.”


“In the last couple of years, we have begun moving in a new direction. What we’re exploring as a team is everyone using their interests outside of hairdressing to influence their work. We’re empowered to work on our own collections and images and then we come to together to develop the strongest concepts. Individually, the team have also been producing some incredible work. To name just a few things they’ve been up to, John Spanton released his ‘Study in Black & White’ which has created a new conversation in colour, Mai Ha recently released her ‘A Single Man’ video showing the development of 9 different looks on one man, all shot within a 10 hour period and they are both finalists for Creative Head’s Most Wanted this year. We also have Johanna Cree-Brown who’ll be creating a show-stopping Avant Garde finale look for the show, to finish off what we hope will be a truly original and memorable show.

Obviously, a man who needs no introduction is Trevor – we’re working closely together to develop the show concept, and I’m honoured to be opening the show cutting hair alongside a real industry icon.”


“I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but you can expect to see a new direction in colour, cutting and Avant Garde hair. We’ll be onstage at 10.30am on Sunday 15th October.”

Tickets for the show are available now at and include the cost of entry to Salon International.