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| May 25, 2020

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Top Marks For Finale Presentation

Top Marks For Finale Presentation
Sam Robinson

It was 10s across the board when stylist Andrea Pirotti, at ‘bebop’ in Holloway, London, staged a stunning presentation to signal the completion of his apprenticeship and training at the salon.

Best Talents

Such a significant presentation challenges stylists to display their best talents and show what they’ve learnt over the course of their training. ‘bebop’ have created a solid foundation in education, covering all development skills from commercial to creative.

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Working Closely With Stylists

Co-founder Chloe Herve said: “At bebop we work closely with our stylists with the aim of getting them ready for this presentation at the end of their training. “We think this is a great way of celebrating and showcasing what they have learnt as well as having the opportunity to adapt their own personal style and taste. This includes everything from styling, makeup, hair and music.

About The Event

“The stylist presents six to eight models, in a small event with an audience of everyone at the salon, family and friends, explaining their concept and how they have achieved the looks.”


When quizzed about his presentation, titled ‘Diversity is the wealth of society and not its weakness’, Andrea said: “I believe that modern society is based on the centrality of the male figure, compared to the female one and on the concept of a common stereotype that is erroneously defined as ‘normality’.

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Love For London

“Despite centuries of social and moral battles, there are still events of every kind that certify that society believes in a stereotype and does not completely accept that the world is going to another direction. I come from a country that still struggles to accept the changes that are taking place, and so when I arrived to London, I was positively impressed by the fact that it’s lesser the case.”

Excellent Personal Training

Priding themselves on excellent personal training, the bebop founders are always pleased to hear from those who have aspirations to join them, visit Bebop London here for more info.