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| April 23, 2021

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TIGI Inspirational Youth 2016

TIGI Inspirational Youth 2016
Fiona Ward

“When I was a young hairdresser, I was lucky enough to be given amazing opportunities by my brothers. I learnt from the best and with the best. That’s how I got where I am today.  I thought it was important to give today’s young hairdressers opportunity. That’s why I formed TIGI Inspirational Youth.” Anthony Mascolo

Anthony has always believed in sharing his knowledge and creative ideas with his peers and as a result TIGI Education lies at the heart of TIGI. 12 years ago Anthony Mascolo had the idea of creating an educational programme to find up-and-coming new hairdressing talent, nurturing them and training them with the goal of creating the future talent of tomorrow.

In September the 2016 TIGI Inspirational Youth UK arrived at Bed Head Studio for their 5 day ‘bootcamp’. The intensive training programme includes cut and colour training, presentation skills (with TIGI Show Director, Mike Esa), instruction on model casting (with TIGI Casting Director Annette Russell,) session training with TIGI Session Director, Maria Kovacs and finally a photo shoot with TIGI fashion stylist Jiv D and photographer, Alex Barron-Hough. Throughout the week the team is constantly challenged. From the presentation of moodboards, to sharing ideas and presentations of the work they undertake, they are constantly filmed and interviewed giving confidence and developing stage presence.

The culmination of TIGI Inspirational Youth 2016 is the TIGI Inspirational Youth Show which is to be held on 14th November at the Café Royal in London. Following its success in the UK, TIGI Inspirational Youth now takes place in the USA and Germany and plans are in place to roll out the programme in the Far East and Australia in 2017.

The TIGI Inspirational Youth 2016 Team are:

Alice Stephens – Albion House

Archie Smith – Forresters

Ashley Wallis – Yazz

Britney Mills – Wow

Georgia Lutton – Fuss

Hannah Mole – Bad Apple

Hannah Stacey – Monet

Jade Fagan – Laundry

Josh Mascolo – TIGI

Kim Delahunty – Sugar Cubed

Louisa Murphy – Saints

Nicola Cunningham – Andrew Collinge

Stella Bird – Chy Blew