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| April 8, 2020

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The Hairdressers’ Charity Fundraising Ball Success

The Hairdressers’ Charity Fundraising Ball Success
Rebecca Parker

The good and the great gathered together recently to help raise funds and awareness of The Hairdressers’ Charity. Hosted in the Grange City Hotel, 200 guests attended the drinks reception with a three-course dinner to network, fundraise, and help raise the profile of the charity.

About The Night

Hosted by Co-Presidents Samantha Grocutt of Essence PR and Philip Sharp of Affinage Salon Professional, the night shared with the audience the charity’s vision, mission and upcoming fundraising activities. The night also recognised those who have been instrumental within the charity; the Jayne Henderson Award for Fundraising was presented to Victor Pajak of Headquarters for his involvement and organising of the annual charity bike ride that raised over £11,000. The President’s Award was given to long-standing supporter of the charity, Jeffrey Bonn, who has been influential in the financial and management of the committee for many years. Unfortunately, due to illness, Jeffrey was unable to attend the night – his award was collected by long-standing friend and Chairman of the charity, Phillip Rogers.

About The Donations

The fundraising event also shared with the audience how the donations and fundraising was distributed to beneficiaries. The charity’s mission to Help Hairdressers in Need was successfully demonstrated with the help of one-off support beneficiary, Mitchell Chalmers who was invited to the night to share his inspiring story over adversity. Following a tragic life-changing accident that saw Mitch paralysed from the waist down, he undertook a crowdfunding project to raise funds to purchase a stand-up wheelchair that would allow him to train as a hairdresser at his local Bristol College. On the night, the charity played a heart-warming film on Mitch’s plight and also invited him to the stage to share with the audience his story.

First Ever Heart Team

The evening was also an opportunity to announce the first ever, Heart Team; a high profile passionate group within the charity who will be the industry face of the charity. Presented on the night by Toby Dicker from The Chapel, the Heart Team will be working collectively to raise the charity brand and its story, with a focus on the child beneficiaries. The 2018 team includes Toby and Amanda Dicker of The Chapel, Victor Pajak of Headquarters, Ella Johnson of Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, Linda and Alan Stewart of Rainbow Room International and Lorenzo Colangelo of The Gallery.

About The Cause

“The fundraising ball was an opportunity to share with a select audience of sponsors, supporters, manufacturers, hairdressers, industry professionals and media the importance of the industry’s charity, The Hairdressers’ Charity. It was a night to be thankful, remember why the charity exists and to encourage even more people to get behind our cause” explains Co-President Philip Sharp.

What’s Needed?

“Alongside fundraising for hairdressers in need, the night was also about encouraging people to share their knowledge of the charity to their network of friends and colleagues so that people understand what the charity does and how we help hairdressers in need. It’s a small but important charity and we need as many people in the industry to get behind us – whether that’s attending our events, hosting their own or just sharing the message of the charity. It all helps to get the message out,” concludes co-President, Samantha Grocutt.

Visit The Hairdessers’ Charity here to find out more about the cause and its events.