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| January 24, 2021

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The Hairdressers’ Charity Announces Its Heart Team

The Hairdressers’ Charity Announces Its Heart Team
Sam Robinson

The Hairdressers’ Charity, has launched its first ever Heart Team; a passionate group within the charity who will be the industry face.

The hairdressers, from across the country, will be working collectively to help raise the charity brand status and the charity’s story, with a focus on raising funds for the child beneficiaries the charity helps each year. It will be an annual initiative and new members to the Heart Team will be announced each year.

The 2018 Heart Team Members Include:

– Amanda and Toby Dicker (The Chapel)
– Ella Johnson (Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa)
– Linda and Alan Stewart (Rainbow Room International)
– Lorenzo Colangelo (The Gallery)
– Victor Pajak (Headquarters)

Heart Team 2018 x 2  -

About The Members

“Our Heart Team members are hairdressers who have approached us and asked how they can get more involved. They want to encourage their fellow hairdressers to get behind the industry charity and help raise funds and the profile in simple but effective ways. The 2017 One Hour, One Day campaign we launched was through the Heart Team and helped to raise £5000 in just one day,” explains Samantha Grocutt, co-President of The Hairdressers Charity.

About Helping

“We’ll be working closely with the Heart Team throughout the year to hear their thoughts on new fundraising initiatives and how we can get our important message out to their fellow hairdressers. The passion from the Heart Team is contagious and their reach of hairdressers across the country is vital to get our story heard by more people. Our charity is about helping hairdressers in need and who better to do this, than other hairdressers,” concludes co-President, Philip Sharp.

For more information, visit The Hairdresser Charity here.