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| July 12, 2020

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The Hair and Barber Council Back-to-Work Plan

The Hair and Barber Council Back-to-Work Plan
Sam Robinson

The Government will determine the date you may return to work. Do not be influenced in any way by fake news!


Currently the return to work date for all sectors of our industry including mobiles and freelancers, is 4 July, but is conditional on the ‘R’ number remaining below 1 in the period to the 4 July.

Back To Work Plan

In the continued absence of any formal Government guidance regarding what the industry must have in place for health, safety and hygiene purposes for returning to work, the Hair and Barber Council has put together a Back to Work Plan. If the Government, in the meantime gives the industry formal guidance, the plan will be amended. 


The Back to Work Plan will help you plan for re-opening, in way that will give your staff and customers the confidence they need to know that you have taken all the precautions you can to protect them whilst on your premises.
Read the Hair and Barber’s full Back To Work Plan here.