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| May 16, 2021

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The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ClubStar Art Team Host Goal Setting Session

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ClubStar Art Team Host Goal Setting Session
Sam Robinson

Lockdown might have put in-person training on hold, but for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ClubStar Art Team, that doesn’t mean the education has stopped. Team Leader Karoliina Saunders recently hosted a Zoom session for the group to allow everyone to reconnect post-lockdown and to prepare for their year ahead.

Zoom Meetings

While the team’s existing program of education and events is on pause until 2021, Zoom meetings will keep them in touch and allow everyone to go into next year fully prepared to maximise their time as part of the ClubStar Art Team.

Goal Setting

The focus of the first Zoom meeting was goal setting – something that will not only assist the team members in their ongoing time on the program, but which will also help them as they map out their future careers.

Considered Choices 

Karoliina explains: “It was important for me to make goal setting the focus of our first session ‘back’ after lockdown. Without an end goal you have nowhere to aim, so setting them is key – more so now than ever. With a clear idea of where you want to be in both the short and long term, you can make more considered choices in all aspects of your career, and achieve your own personal goals in a structured way.”

The team were tasked with answering the following questions:

  • How do you set your goals at the moment?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What are your personal values?
  • How do you want to show up every day?


Next, the team tackled aesthetics, and why having a strong and clear personal aesthetic will help you in your career. “Aesthetic and goals are closely linked,” says Karoliina. “Having a clear aesthetic should help you assess whether your goals are achievable, and vice versa. If your work is very avant-garde but your goal is to create a commercial hair campaign, there may be a disconnect – and together we can then work on what needs to shift.”

Clear Brand

During the session, the team talked about what their aesthetics were, and how to find and hone their own clear personal brand of work. Following the session, Karoliina held one-to-ones with each team member to discuss their goals and aesthetic further. They will now go on to work on these in their own time, ready to present back to the group at a later date.

What’s Next

The team will get together again in September, for a session with Edward Hemmings on presentation skills – perfect for sharing their goals and aesthetic ideas with clarity and confidence.

For more info about the initiative, visit Fellowship Hair here.