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| January 16, 2021

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The Colour Project With Edward Darley

The Colour Project With Edward Darley
Sam Robinson

The Colour Project spent a day in the life of a Sassoon hairdresser recently, as they got together with none other than Sassoon’s UK Colour Director and former Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year, Edward Darley.

Edward’s Focus

As one of the industry’s biggest colourists, Edward’s focus for the day was to get the team thinking the Sassoon way in terms of colour. Edward and his Sassoon team kicked off the day with model demonstrations, also touching on precision cutting in order to convey the entire Sassoon way of hairdressing.

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What Edward Did

“I wanted to share with concept of Sassoon shape and balance with the Colour Project team,” says Edward, “We also wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship of colouring hair in a more technical way.”Edward also took the time to present to the team about colour perception, enlightening them about the ways in which colour can make the mind interpret a mood, depending on factors such as culture.

Bringing A New Dimension

“The colour psychology that Edward taught us was so insightful,” says team member Katie Scarfe from CODE Hair Consultants, “it brings an interesting new dimension to our work and thought process which is what these workshops are all about!”

Bright & Bold

The afternoon was spent getting stuck into the practical work. The team all worked on their own models to let their colour creativity run wild. All inspired by Edward and the Sassoon team, the colours and looks created were bright, bold and imaginative; from dual tone colour, to vivid coppers and deep royal blues.

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A Great Dynamic

Edward says, “It is always fabulous to spend the day with a team that are so passionate about colour. What I found brilliant about this particular group was the mix of experience between them, which made for a great dynamic. They were all so enthusiastic and on point with their questions.”

An Incredible Experience

Team member Krysia Eddery from Perfectly Posh Hair says, “The Sassoon Academy were so welcoming. I love learning from such talented colourists and stylists such as Edward and his team –they were so welcoming and inspiring. I have been hairdressing for over 20 years and every time I arrive on a Colour Project day, I just love it more and more!I am having the most incredible experience so far on this educational journey.”

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