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| October 20, 2021

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Taylor Taylor Talk Switching to iSalon Software

Taylor Taylor Talk Switching to iSalon Software
Sam Robinson

‘We swapped Taylor Taylor London to iSalon during the last lockdown after using our other system for many years, which we were very happy with. After fifteen demonstrations and much tearing my hair out, I knew that iSalon was the system for us. I liked the fact the system was not just cloud based and we had different connection options available. We decided that this would be best for us.

Constant Support

The switch over to iSalon was so much easier than I ever expected. All the data that we needed was transferred over straight onto our new system. This meant that reopening in a busy and stressful time was smooth and without complications. Chris from iSalon was there to support us every step of the way during set up, and delivered online training sessions to all our staff before re-opening so that they were familiar with the system and ready to go.

James from the team has also been outstanding since the first demonstration with regular checkups and meetings to ensure we are getting on well and if we need any extra support.


The online booking platform and our app have been customised to our brand and are interlinked meaning the customer experience has become smoother and easier. Now we have more options to reach our customers in ways that were not available before.

Healthy Competition

MiSalon has been a huge hit with all our staff members to keep track of their takings and in all increase sales as they always have access to their totals. It can also bring a bit of healthy competition between staff. They all love to be number 1!

Centralized System

The Command Centre is simply a dream. Everything centralized in one place and with three busy salons and transient staff, it makes everything quicker, smoother and less time consuming. Booking appointments across all three salons, reports and simple amendments are now so easy it’s a dream. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops further.

All in all, when we work alongside a company, a personal relationship with them is of the upmost importance to us. After using iSalon now for only 4 months, I would almost consider them friends for life!’ – Taylor Taylor London.

For more info on the brands, visit Taylor Taylor London here, and iSalon Software here.