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| October 20, 2021

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Talking colour shop – part 1

Talking colour shop – part 1
Joanne Charlton

In 2020, cool has been defined as one of the “hottest” items, with Goldwell redefining the most-of-the-moment colour trends, translating them into beautiful, wearable shades elevated by Elumenation – a collection of this season’s most desired colour looks. 

Goldwell UK Guest Artist Nicola Smyth, talks ELUMENATION for business in the first of our three-part blog…

How has Goldwell’s Elumenation service upgrade allowed you to be more creative as a colourist?

It’s allowed me to have no limits with my colour creativity – I can achieve all of my colour dreams and more with ELUMENATION.

How has Elumenation helped grow your salon business? 

It’s giving our stylists free range to customise and ELUMENATE all of their colour work like never before. It’s creating show stopping colour work that gets everyone talking and everyone wanting to know what our salon secret is “ELUMENATION”.

Has the direct dye portfolio given you a point of difference?

Yes massively, the results you can achieve with ELUMENATION are truly amazing – multi-dimensional shine, outstanding colour density, unprecedented vibrancy and brilliance. 

Part 2 coming next week. In the meantime, find out more at