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| July 26, 2021

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Sam Robinson

SUNLIGHTS Balayage is about to change the way you paint. Candy Shaw, fondly referred to as ‘@TheBalayLama’, developed SUNLIGHTS Professionnel Balayage Lightener* just over three years ago, alongside its companion educational kit, THE BALAY BOX**, which boasts all the tools any balayage artist needs together with education instructions.

Now In The UK

Now made available in the UK by Rebel Beauty Brands, SUNLIGHTS is kaolin (clay) based so it has a smooth, silky consistency that has conditioning properties as well as being easy to paint with. Also, unlike most lighteners that have an unpleasant aroma, SUNLIGHTS has a pleasant citrus/grapefruit fragrance that’s pleasing to clients. Developed so that it can be mixed with any crème-based developer and any bond multiplier, SUNLIGHTS is the perfect tool for any balayage-strong artist.

Three Sizes

Coupled with every balayage-believer must-have, ‘The Balay Wrap’ is available in three sizes, with each sheet perforated for efficient tearing. The wrap isolates each section, helping to keep your work clean and organised. By encapsulating the hair, the product stays moist, helping to drive your lifting potential. The Balay Wrap is also cling-free and salon-grade.

Candy Shaw with Sunlights -

More Profitable

Founder Candy Shaw, who debuted her world-class education at Salon International in 2018, says: “It’s hard to argue with the Balayage Revolution. Firstly, balayage is more profitable than foils. Not only because it can be done much faster but also because a salon can charge a premium for the service since it’s trending.


“Secondly, balayage is much ‘greener’ than foils. Used foils cannot be recycled and end up in our landfills. Overall, balayage consumes much less fossil fuel and emits much less greenhouse gas. It’s a ‘greener’, more sustainable practice.

Financial Freedom

“Finally, and perhaps most important, balayage is more fun than repetitive foil highlighting. It allows a stylist to unleash their inner artist as they paint their way to financial freedom.’

You can find out more about Sunlights Balayage here.