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#StylistsDoItBetter -



We know how hard you’ve worked hard to get where you are – countless hours in training, even more practicing what you’ve learnt – and that’s before you’ve even made it to the salon floor. Then there’s your continual dedication to keeping yourself inspired and your skills set at the top of its game, but do you shout about it enough? Wella Professionals thinks probably not, which is why they’re new campaign #StylistsDoItBetter has been created to champion you, the salon superstars.

The Concept

Technology is a lot like Mar#SDIB Instgram 1080 x 1080 - 1mite – you either love it or you hate it – but even the haters can’t ignore the opportunities it creates, and now with Wella, that opportunity is to showcase your skills and share your talent with clients new and old.

All you need to do is take a selfie with your client, tag #StylistsDoItBetter and then post it on social media – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook – the more airtime you give your pictures the better! And you can be as creative as you like. Before and after pics, Instagram stories of the consultation, flagging up colours and products you’ve used to get the look – even mood pictures that inspired the look. It is your #StylistsDoItBetter story.

Why not get your client in on the action and encourage them to post a selfie to their profile too. If they’ve just opted for an on-trend pastel shade [created with your expertise of course], then you’ll soon be the talk of the town and will probably have earned yourself a few extra bookings too.

It’s your time to shine – you’ve earned it.