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| May 22, 2022

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Step By Step by Chelsea Bate for Elizabeth & Giovanni

Step By Step by Chelsea Bate for Elizabeth & Giovanni
Sam Robinson

1. Before we started there was around 3-4inches of regrowth and a build-up of pink on the mid lengths and ends. To get the base more even, I lifted the root with Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME 6% for 30 minutes and BLONDME 4% on the mid lengths and ends for the remaining 15 minutes.

2. Once developed and rinsed, I did bleach cleanse. For this I used Bonacure Clean Performance Repair Rescue Shampoo with BLONDME bleach and 2% in equal measure and left this on for a further 10 minutes. This helped to remove some of the stubborn pink tones that were remaining.

3. I then sectioned a wide face framing panel and partly dried. I then took small sections of the panel and used a splatter and smudge technique in foils with Schwarzkopf Professional CHROMA ID in pink and blue shades.

4. Next, I primed the rest of the hair using the Fibre Plex Hair Primer to even out the porosity before toning using Schwarzkopf Professional Vibrance 9.5-1.9+1.9%, which gave that gorgeous pearly finish.

5. I then did a precision cut with 0 projection to achieve a blunt one length bob, with no graduation whatsoever. For a sharper finish I used mini clippers to ensure no straggly hair was present. 

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6. Before drying I used OSIS+ blow and go as a light blow-drying spray and teamed this with OSIS+ Tame Wild to tame any stray, unruly strands.

7. I then blow dried using a Denman flat brush for a sleek blow dry with no body or volume. 

8. Next, I styled using sing the ghd original straighter and ghd heat protector, taking very small sections to straighten with a very slight bend towards the ends of hair. 

9. To finish I used OSIS+ Keep it Light hairspray for hold and the OSIS+ sparkler for a soft shine.

For more info the products used, visit Schwarzkopf Professional here.