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| June 30, 2022

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Simon Hill – Mask Mirroring

Simon Hill – Mask Mirroring
Sam Robinson

Simon Hill from SESH Hairdressing talks about their new approach to Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland.

The Difference

Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland have differed from England throughout the pandemic, and the relaxing of these restrictions was no different. Last month, Nicola Sturgeon announced that masks would no longer be mandatory, social distancing was to be relaxed and self isolation rules have changed too. As a salon owner, this is a difficult space to navigate and ensure you do the right thing for your salon customers and team member.


At SESH Hairdressing, we have always gone above and beyond the government requirements to ensure our clients and the team are as safe as possible. We even closed the salon down a few days before it was enforced as the team felt most comfortable with this. We created a #SafeWithSESH campaign to communicate with our clients on what we were doing to put their safety first. Throughout the pandemic, we have used this mantra to instil faith in our clients and our ability to keep them safe.


Following news of masks no longer being mandatory, we decided to continue to ask our clients and teams to wear masks. A decision that may appear controversial to some, but was a no brainer for us. We communicated this via social media and posters in our salon window as well as verbal communication with all clients. This was well received by our guests and they appreciated our caution.

Mask Mirroring Phase

We have now moved over to our ‘mask mirroring’ phase. Team members will now wear a mask only if their client would like them too. For us this is a way to ensure we respect our clients wishes and ensure they feel comfortable, however it also allows us to move forward in line with current restrictions and cater to our clients who are ready to embrace ‘normality’ again. How are you all managing life post covid restrictions in the salon?

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