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| April 19, 2021

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Schwarzkopf Professional’s tbh Launches 4 New Shades

Schwarzkopf Professional’s tbh Launches 4 New Shades
Sam Robinson

Schwarzkopf Professional’s leading authentic permanent hair colour brand, tbh – true beautiful honest, continues to exceed client expectations with a growing assortment of natural-looking, seasonal shades.

Core Brand Pillars

With the #iwokeuplikethis and #nomakeup movements showing no signs of slowing down – coupled with the demand for brands to be more transparent – transparency around ingredients and product formulations is now more important than ever before. Hairdressers and their clients are increasingly mindful about their health and the brands they choose to use – which is why, since launching in 2019 tbh – true beautiful honest are proud to stand by their core brand pillars:

• true colour as close to natural hair colour as it gets
• beautiful shimmering tones with a healthy glow and natural shine
• honest in the approach to product formulation: up to 92% naturally derived ingredients, complemented by additional performance drivers


tbh – true beautiful honest also has a 100% vegan formulation, with all products in the portfolio free from animal-derived ingredients.

TBH new shades -

New Shades + Services

With colour trends moving towards a warmer palette, the new tbh – true beautiful honest Red Beige Collection closes the gap within the warm colour world – which already offers a range of luxury primary reflections, muted by rose undertones – with 4 brand new shades.

• 8-64 (Chocolate Beige), 5-47 (Beige Copper), 8-84 and 4-84 (Red Beige)

Ginger Berry

To support the launch, a brand new ‘Ginger Berry’ look and accompanying tutorial has been developed together with award-winning hairdresser and tbh – true beautiful honest brand Ambassador, Arjan Bevers (@arjanbevers) from the Netherlands.

3 Shades

The look showcases 3 shades from the new Red Beige Collection for a “frozen strawberry” result that is, “really quick, really commercial, and really cool”, according to Arjan, who goes on to describe the brand:

“Everybody wants heathy hair and with tbh – true beautiful honest it looks really healthy; not artificial or high-gloss, but more ‘powdery and shimmery’. For me, that is kind of special – so I really love it!”


Compared to the uniform and often flat colour results of standard permanent colouration, tbh – true beautiful honest provides 100% multidimensional coverage that respects and illuminates the hair’s natural highs and lows for sheer, authentic colour that enhances what is already there.

Red Beige Collection

The new tbh – true beautiful honest Red Beige Collection brings the full assortment to 35 shades across three distinct colour worlds; natural, cool and warm – all uniquely crafted to meet every salon clients’ individual wishes. Plus, as the shade references are based on the Schwarzkopf Professional existing numbering system, it’s easy for hairdressers to select the right shade for their clients for a number of services, including:

• Classic permanent coloration services e.g. full-head application
• Highlight, Lowlight and Gloss Services
• Pastel Toning Services
• Root Touch-Ups

Discover the tbh – true beautiful honest assortment, including the new shades and service offerings on the Schwarzkopf Professional website here.