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| May 31, 2020

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Schwarzkopf Professionals 2019 Young Artistic Team take on Essential Looks

Schwarzkopf Professionals 2019 Young Artistic Team take on Essential Looks
Sam Robinson

Having only been selected from the national competition in January, this year’s Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic Team were chosen to be the 2019 Inspire team and create their own interpretation of the Spring Summer Essential Looks 2019 collection.


Essential Looks collections take inspiration from international fashion runways, session stylists and fashion forecasts and are distilled into three distinct seasonal trends. Bridging the gap between runway and real life, with over 40 collections created since 1997, Essential Looks continues to captivate hairdressers and clients each season by taking catwalk looks and converting them into wearable, salon-friendly styles.

The Trends 

The three trends for this year’s Spring Summer collection are: Feminine Active, Luxe Vibe and Self-Made Youth. The Feminine Active trend is targeted at ladies on the go needing styles and hair that can keep up with them! Luxe Vibe is all about power-dressing 80s coming back (not that it ever really left!) Heads are wearing big hair and balayage contouring to match. Self-made Youth really is just that, self-made. Whether it’s what you wear or your hair: “never say never” and “anything goes” perfectly sums up this diverse look.

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The Task 

Bearing all of this in mind, the six, talented members of the Inspire 2019 team were tasked to create three different looks inspired by the trends, using just one model each. As well as being given the amazing opportunity to re-create this collection, the team also spent the day working closely alongside Schwarzkopf Professional’s very own Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston.

Inspire + Motivate 

Speaking about Essential Looks, Tyler said “Through Essential Looks and the images I create, I can inspire and motivate hairdressers from all around the world – that’s a pretty good job to have. I want to encourage stylists to develop their own creative edge and to always keep moving forward”.

What’s On Trend

Stephanie Stevens from Daniel Granger Hairdressing confirmed this by saying “I always refer to essential looks with my clients, it’s something they enjoy just as much as I do! They are always so intrigued to know what’s on trend and if it’s possible to do with their hair. They are even more excited about it now they know I’ve been involved in the inspire shoot! I can’t wait until the images are released so I can share it with them.”

Hair Idols

The team were ecstatic to be working with the renowned Tyler Johnston, with Sophie Perfect from Options Hairdressing saying, “It was amazing to work along my peers and one of my biggest hair idols Tyler Johnson, days like this make me realise how much I love this industry!” Molly Drummond from Hooker & Young added “I absolutely loved working with Tyler Johnston, he’s super talented and of course extremely inspirational”.


Even though the team are only ¼ of the way through the year, as well as the huge opportunity to re-create and shoot a collection, they have also taken part in several training days and workshops. Mitchell from Hensmans Salons said, “Being a part of the Young Artistic Team has given me opportunities and experiences I will never forget, it has been brilliant so far and I’m excited for the rest of the year!”

An Amazing Experience

Olivia Bullivant from En Route Hairdressing added, “The whole day from start to finish was amazing! It was so good to work alongside Tyler and have his assistance in creating the three different looks. I absolutely loved shooting and seeing my finished model”.

For more information about the brand, please visit Schwarzkopf Professional here.