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| October 20, 2021

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#SBAwards 2021 Round-Up By Lea Shaw Rural Fringe Hair

#SBAwards 2021 Round-Up By Lea Shaw Rural Fringe Hair
Sam Robinson

Monday 19th July will forever be known as Freedom Day and for the hairdressing industry that was certainly the case! Our first live event in16 months saw the best of British hairdressing businesses attend the prestigious Salon Business Awards 2021 at the ever so stylish Quaglinos in the heart of Pall Mall, London.

Time for Glam

No more tracksuit bottoms and trainers, it was glam time! Flow tests done and off my colleague Jasmine Brookman and I went for our first night out in what felt like forever. And what a night it was! The venue was perfect, spacious but intimate. Descending the beautiful marble staircase to see the faces of friends and colleagues who we have been separated from for so long was quite surreal. That instant buzz we are so used to was back in abundance with the chatter and laughter that has been so missed so missed over the last year or so.

Prosecco flowed while guests enjoyed an amazing selection of canapés including arancini and beef tartare to mini burgers in buns and salmon swirls all with the awesome sounds of the evening’s entertainment playing away in the background, DJ and saxophonist Brendan Mills playing in the background.


Catching Up

One of my closest friends Safy Burton, was one of the finalists for Colour Salon of the Year, so being able to be there and support her was fantastic. I also got to catch up with and catching up with some of my JOICO family and friends was amazing. It has been so long and, like everyone else in the room we sat sharing our experiences as well as our hopes. It finally felt like a massive, seemingly unpassable corner had been turned. Watching everyone mingle and network was a sight to be seen. This is what we have been missing as hairdressers, as we are naturally sociable creatures.

The Awards

Now onto the awards! And what a pool of businesses to choose from. The anticipation in the air and
the nervous excitement filled the room with each person waiting to see if their name would pop up on the big screen. The cheers and celebrations from the winners and runners up as they were announced was just wonderful to see. At one point I thought Brooke Evans would take off as she jumped so high when she won winning Best Local Salon. When Bebop London won Fashion Salon of the Year, they took the party to the stage. Creative Salon of The Year saw the award presented by Bruno Giamattei sponsored by JOICO which was awarded to Ashley Gamble.

The Salon Business Awards 2021 held at Quaglino’s in London on 19 July 2021 Photography by Fitzpatrick Credit :

Party Time

Once all the deserving winners had received their awards it was onto partying the night away. The
music ramped up and I have to give a shout out to the DJ who got the party going, he was up on the bar, loving life and playing his sax to dance tunes and 90’s bangers! For the next couple of hours, it was drinks and dancing, yes actual dancing on a proper dance floor! Apparently, my body has forgotten how to wear heels and I’m out of practice when it comes to alcohol tolerance. It’s safe to say everyone had an incredible evening.

Thanks for having us as your guests JOICO. Bring on next year!