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| August 7, 2020

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Sam Robinson

Get ready to meet the faces chosen to be members of Saks A-Team 2018; the brand’s creative hair training programme.

What They Did 

Luke Pluckrose, Creative Director and head of Saks Art Team, says: “Every year we do something different. This time we’re taking our A-Team on a roller coaster ride. We’re taking in creative colour, session styling, mood boarding, collaborating with stylists and MUAs, wig-making sessions and putting on a photo shoot.”

The Process

Bagging a place goes a bit like this. Stylists chat to salon owners as time and commitment are required. They then apply for a place, do the research and prep and attend interview, giving a timed hair demo and presentation of mood boards on a given topic. Then they wait for The Letter.

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The SAKS A-TEAM 2018

  • Tom Snowdon – Saks Middlesbrough
  • Sy Boucher – Saks Bishop Auckland
  • Isabelle Brittain – Saks Doncaster
  • Natalie Tasker – Saks Lytham
  • Alice Fleming – Saks Northallerton
  • Ria McCabe – Saks West Bridgford
  • Sammie Bayliss – Saks Kings Hill
  • Estelle Smith – Saks Knutsford
  • Lee Carnegie – Saks Aberdeen Union Square
  •  Steph Warner –  Saks Lincoln!

Hosting A Session

Sarah Clarke-Lees of Saks Art Team continues: “I was an A-Teamer back in 2014 and it was the start of my journey towards joining Saks Art Team. I was SO pleased to host our first session for 2018 – and of course I’m all about unconventional colour! We looked at applying via various techniques including tie-dying, spray painting, Banksy-esq stencils and Jackson Pollock “paint” flicks.”

Meeting Other Stylists

Sarah concludes: “One of the things A-Team gave me was the opportunity to meet stylists from our other salons and share ideas. It’s great to see our stylists doing the same. I made a couple of friends for life as well – win-win.”

You can find out more about the brand by visiting Saks here.