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| January 16, 2021

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#SafeSalon: Hairdressers act responsible in the reopened salon – and show it to their clients

#SafeSalon: Hairdressers act responsible in the reopened salon – and show it to their clients
Sam Robinson

The corona crisis has turned the hairdressing world upside down – and it is not the same when hairdressers now come back to work in the salon. #SafeSalon, a campaign launched by Olivia Garden, a leading manufacturer in professional hair tools, helps hairdressers to adapt to the new situation after the Corona Crisis and to show their clients that they act more responsibly.

After The Crisis

Hairdressers have to follow stricter hygienic rules, and these will last for a while. People will ask for more attention to clean space, health and safety than ever before. Hairdressers will have to adjust to higher standards of hygiene if they want to keep their customers. It is more than likely that clients will not accept to be hair styled with the same brush as the previous client without any disinfection being applied to this tool. They will require hairdressers to be more careful about their health to feel safe in their salon.

Join The Campaign

#SafeSalon is a Campaign to help hairdressers to adapt to this situation.

How Europe’s Been Adapting

In most countries, the re-opening of salons during the corona crisis is associated with additional hygienic rules for hairdressers. #SafeSalon supports hairdressers with important information to reopen their salon in a safe way. Social distancing, stricter hygiene rules, sanitizing tools, … what to do? The campaign helps hairdressers answer the most common questions regarding the reopening of salons.

Safe Salons

For hairdressers, the happiness of their client is always the biggest focus. But keeping distances with them is almost impossible. However, hairdressers also need to keep in mind that the more measures they will take towards the safety of their clients, the less the virus can spread, and the sooner they will get back to work under normal conditions. #SafeSalon is also built to help them gain the trust of their clients when re-opening their salon.

Free Resources

With this initiative, they can prove that they are a salon that cares about hygiene and feelings of their clients. They can show that they work in a #SafeSalon. On the campaign website, they can download illustrations to use in Social Media or even on their salon door, that state: “We are a #SafeSalon”.

Be Part Of A Movement

The #SafeSalon campaign is already supported by multiple brands around Europe that want to support in this crisis. With the campaign, they help make the hairdressing community be self-confident and responsible during and after Corona.

Find out more about how to get involved in the campaign at