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| September 24, 2020

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Royal anonymity

Royal anonymity
Joanne Charlton

Darren Fowler, International Creative Director for the Clipso Salon Group together with members of the Clipso session team were behind the hair creation for Bernard Chandran’s SS14 Show.

Held inside  Freemason’s Halls the team created loose, textured ponys with movement throughout. The look was fresh and young, and followed the designer’s brief of a princess who had broken away from being Royal.

Bernard Chandran’s show inspiration was a take on a modern day princess who was originally from the east, moved to the west, and now lives in Brooklyn. From the palace to the pavement, the runaway royal escapes into the anonymity of exciting new horizons. Models wore the most amazing lurex-coated Royal Pahang silks, combined with beautiful silk brocade creating a new structure for the jewelled seam line princess cut and an explosion of graphic tubular beading. Her treasured tiara further ensures she reigns over the glitz and grit of the urban jungle.

“The hair inspiration was something that had total refinement but was taken to the street. Using a tiara broken down and developed into a new contemporary design was the only real piece of her previous identity,” says Darren.