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| September 21, 2020

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Sam Robinson

Taking care of our wellbeing has never been more important. Ross Charles of leading York based salon Ross Charles Hairdressing tells us how he’s looking after the wellbeing of his team, with tips for the hairdressing community as a whole. 

New Normal

“After returning to the salon post lockdown it became obvious quite quickly that our job was completely different to what we previously knew. As an industry we had to make drastic changes to comply with the new guidelines and ensure we were protecting the health of our teams and our clients. 

Sharing Emotions

At Ross Charles Hairdressing it became apparent to me quite quickly that we really need to nurture and care for the mental wellbeing of our teams now more than ever too. As hairdressers we have always provided an element of ‘counselling’ to our clients during their appointment as they tend to share the highs and lows in their life as they relax in the chair. Post lockdown however there is a noticeable difference in what some clients are sharing with our team and their general emotions can be negative in certain instances.

Negative Energy

As the salon owner and manager of the team I became aware of this and it was clear to me that conversations have more of a tendency to be negative now. Of course, we can expect this as the country has faced such a devastating pandemic for several months. However, as salon owners and professionals it is our duty of care to our team to educate them and prepare them for this eventuality. Young team members especially can carry that negative energy home with them and be impacted without perhaps being conscious of it.

Lifting Spirits

We as a team are now communicating much more with one another to ensure we are lifting each others spirits and sharing the load with our team members. We have also communicated this concern to our team members to ensure they are aware that should they need to talk about anything we have a safe space for that and they aren’t alone. It is important to remember that dealing with the aftermath of this pandemic shouldn’t be solely focused on physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing too”.

For more info on the brand, visit Ross Charles here.