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| September 28, 2020

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Revlon Professional VISIONARIES 2020 – Open for entries

Revlon Professional VISIONARIES 2020 – Open for entries
Sam Robinson

It’s back! The search for the next Revlon Professional VISIONARIES team is on and with only twelve finalist slots available its fast becoming the project for undiscovered talent. Now in its second year, stylists from around the UK are invited to enter to win a place on the unique VISIONARIES 2020 program created by Revlon Professional and Revlon Professional Global Artistic Ambassador Mark Leeson.

Year Long program

The VISIONARIES is a year-long program designed to explore creativity while learning hands on session, stage and editorial skills. Delivered by multi award winner and Revlon Professional Global Artistic Ambassador Mark Leeson and a team of leading experts, the VISIONARIES encompasses a celebration of originality and creativity with techniques that showcase all the options the hairdressing industry offers and each module they can take the skills they have learnt straight back to the salon.

Incredible Opportunity

Mark Leeson explains “Being part of the Revlon Pro Visionaries team is an incredible opportunity for any aspiring new talent but also requires a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and the hunger/passion for new challenges. The challenges set at the beginning of the competition exposes the skill set of the individuals and where they are at in terms of their hairdressing ability. This allows me to pin point certain activities to improve and educate them and of course expose them to different aspects of our industry.”

Support Emerging Talent 

Lisa Jackson, GM Revlon Professional and American crew UK and IE explains “At Revlon Professional we always want to support emerging talent especially from our own industry. The opportunities that the Visionaries have to spend with our Global Artistic Ambassador Mark Leeson is phenomenal let alone the experiences the Revlon corporation can support them with, for example presenting live on stage for Revlon Professional in Italy in 2019”.

The 2019 VISIONARIES explain why this really is the most incredible opportunity and how life changing it can be to get a place on this team.

Erin McGlade, Strand Hair

Erin McGlade -

“It’s really hard to pick one specific favourite moment from my time on the Visionaries as it was filled with so many amazing moments and opportunities. One memory that really stands out is when we were in London on the last shoot which we thought you just couldn’t top. Then Mark and Richard asked us to go Italy for a hair show. I just couldn’t believe it – it was an emotional rollercoaster!! “

Aaron Jones, Aaron Jones Hairdressing

Aaron Jones -

“There’s a lot I could say I won’t forget, but it was the people for me. Not only Mark or the rest of the Visionaries but the Revlon family in general… Amazing people and that real old school passion for creativity is so present through absolutely all of them.”

Robyn Vickers, Browns

Robyn Vickers -

“My advice for anyone considering taking part in the Revlon Professional Visionaries is throw yourself at every opportunity you get, observe everything Mark and Richard do as they are full of so much creative knowledge its incredible!”

Leanne Carpenter, Kolours and Kuts

Leanne Carpenter -

“My biggest piece of advice would be… DO IT!!! Of course it’s scary to put yourself out there and be judged by one of the biggest hairdressing icons out there but it’s the entering in the first place that will make you a better hairdresser than you were before and if you get in, it’s 100% going to be one of the best opportunities in your career!”,


• Applications to be received no later than the 15th February 2020
• 25 February – Finals (12 finalists to re-create their look with their model in Leeds,) up to 6 Visionaries team members will be chosen @revlonprofessional #visionaries2020.