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| November 19, 2019

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REVIEW: Dual Exfoliation Power Peel Facial

REVIEW: Dual Exfoliation Power Peel Facial
Joanne Charlton

Aveda is a brand favoured by stylists and clients alike for its natural ethos. With a focus on naturally-dervied products in an increasingly ingredients-conscious society it’s little wonder this business model is a success.

It also means when I was given the opportunity to experience the new Dual Exfoliation Power Peel Treatment at the iconic Aveda Institute in Covent Garden, I couldn’t say no.

If you’ve ever walked past the huge windows that adorn the facade you may find it hard to believe tranquility is possible inside with a bustling cafe [with healthy delicacies of course] and a thriving salon floor. Tranquility though, is exactly what I got.

After being welcomed at the door with a refreshing drink I was escorted downstairs into a darkened oasis. The room was warm and smelt divine and I was asked to take a seat and dip my feet into a bowl of warm water. I was then given an exfoliation on my feet and offered either a head or foot massage – a tough decision but I went with head.

Then it was time to lay on the bed and experience all the facial had to offer. With a focus on deep exfoliation, it promises to rejuvenate the skin with the power of botanical plants and minerals. In a multi-layered approach the Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner was used to prep my face followed by Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads. Then my skin was ready for the 30 percent glycol peel.

And to ensure there was none of the redness and inflammation often associated with peels it was finished with the Outer Peace Cooling Masque to hydrate the skin.

As promised, my skin felt smooth and supple and it looked it too, yet what surprised me most was how relaxed and revived I felt after the treatment. This was a deeply exfoliating treatment so surely I wasn’t supposed to enjoy it? Still, I’m not complaining