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| July 15, 2020

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RevAir Launches In The UK

RevAir Launches In The UK
Sam Robinson

We all wish that there were more hours in the day, so why not take some off your styling time? Go from curly to straight in half the time of your usual blow dry with the new RevAir dryer, and its innovative reverse-air suction hair drying technology. Featuring seven levels of reverse-air speed and choices of high, lo and no heat (for cold shot), RevAir is designed to work on all hair types.

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Change Without Commitment

It’s great to embrace your natural beauty but for the days when you just fancy mixing it up, RevAir is the hassle-free way to straighter, sleeker hair without causing damage or permanent reversal of waves, curls, or coils, whilst also helping to tame any frizz.

How It Works

RevAir’s innovative reverse-air technology uses suction to dry hair in a way far superior to blow drying. Heat is pulled inward, not blown on the user providing a more pleasant, cooler experience, whilst surface water is pulled away allowing the heat to work more quickly and effectively. It even uses 50% less energy than conventional blow drying.

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At A Glance

● Even drying from root to tip as heat is applied more efficiently within a confined space.
● Longer lasting styles thanks to its enhanced drying building stronger hydrogen bond links.
● Less frizz because air flows in the natural direction of the cuticles, smoothing them for softness.
● Luminous shine as hair strands are automatically aligned.
● Effortlessly straightened hair, so no need for harsh damaging brush work.
● You’re always protected from excessive heat as its heat sensor will switch off the device
● Aerodynamic design + thoroughly tested engineering for smooth, unobstructed flow of hair means that hair can’t get caught inside.

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The Launch

We recently attended the UK press launch at London’s Hunter Collective to see the RevAir in action, and whether for personal or professional salon use, it’s ideal for both.

Now available to buy in the UK at My Rev Air here.