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| January 17, 2022

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Rebecca Parker

This season’s Lorod Resort collection focused on re-contextualizing vintage workwear with splashes of colour and using various pattern-cutting techniques. Lead hairstylist Edward Lampley used R+Co to create the hair look. “We wanted it to be a bit of a sweaty, greasy texture,” explained Edward.

How to Get the Look:

  1. Start by applying AIRCRAFT Pomade Mousse (£22.95) from the root to mid-shaft, and spray a
  2. combination of GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray (£22.95) and ROCKAWAY Salt Spray (£22.95) to the ends.
  3. Diffuse everything into the hair.
  4. Create a center part, and then section off hair below the occipital bone. Create a small cornrow
  5. from ear to ear to use as structure to pin everything into place. (Tip: Spray the hair used in the
  6. cornrow with DALLAS Thickening Spray (£22.95) for hold and strength).
  7. Take the front section of hair on either side of the part and loosely roll it then tuck it underneath the braid.

image: Shelby Rodriguez