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| October 26, 2020

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Remi Cachet Launch Hair Recycling Scheme

Remi Cachet Launch Hair Recycling Scheme
Sam Robinson

Remi Cachet pride themselves on the quality of their hair extensions, which last at least 12 months with good care, but putting the hair extensions straight into the bin after removing them from clients seemed so wrong so Super Stylists asked for a scheme to recycle the hair.

The Solution

The brand have teamed up with Matter of Trust in the US for their Clean Wave campaign. Remi Cachet stylists can now return the hair to head office to collate the extensions and regularly ship the donation to the states where Matter of Trust will recycle the hair. They will reuse the hair turn the hair extensions into either ‘hair mats’ or ‘hair sandbags’ to protect the environment from oil spills and to filter water at storm drains.

Save The Environment

Setting up the scheme, Richard Ashley, General Manager of Remi Cachet’s parent company Additional Lengths, explained: “We are keen to do our bit to help recycle the hair and in this case save the environment too.

Regular Updates

“We are looking forward to sharing how the scheme is going with regular posts on social media, updates on the donations received in from salons, and when we have sufficient boxes full ready to ship.”

The Details

Remi Cachet will accept all brands of hair extensions to ship to the States. Salons and Stylists will also be rewarded for their regular recyclers too. 

Full details are available on the Remi Cachet website here.