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| February 28, 2021

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Sam Robinson

In order to improve their knowledge and resilience to Covid-19 and reassure their loyal clients, 33 of the most senior staff from the Rainbow Room International team have committed to complete TrichoCare’s new Level Two Qualification in Infection Control. The course, developed with public health experts and built upon the UK Government’s generic public health guidelines, will ensure the team are equipped with the most current and essential knowledge required to offer safe treatments and services to their clients.

Preventing COVID-19

Available to all hair professionals, the course provides relevant, comprehensive and practical guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and consists of six modules. These contain a number of individual lessons, plus a knowledge check quiz in the middle and end of each module. There is also a set of optional multiple choice questions at the end of the course so learners can further test their understanding of all the topics covered. Modules include the causes, transmission and effects of COVID-19, social responsibility in relation to COVID-19, the controls necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the importance of PPE and hygiene in the prevention of COVID-19, potential hazards and risks in salons and barbershops and decontamination and waste management procedures. The course takes around five hours to complete fully with all team members receiving a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

Teams’ Training

Rainbow Room International have education and high quality training at the heart of their brand and investing in this training allows the team to fully understand the disease and how their actions can control its transmission for the benefit of their colleagues and clients, which are their number one priority right now. The training shows the team’s positive action and care for both the wellbeing of the team and their clients but also allows them to be as knowledgeable and alert as possible on how they can stop the spread of the disease, keep the salon open and society moving.

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“With the current pandemic, it’s an incredibly important time for us to be able to communicate with our clients the procedures we have in place to keep them as safe as possible whilst visiting the salon. This has been a really difficult time for all of us. We’ve had to close our salons and stop providing services to all our wonderful clients who know and trust us. Since reopening it’s been a challenge – making sure we follow all the many guidelines, both national and local, for safe working, and rebuilding our relationship with our clients. The Trichocare course has helped significantly and has allowed us to further prove to our clients they are safe in our hands. The government and scientific advisers have stressed that education can play a large part in controlling the pandemic and to have these courses available to us as hairdressers to be able to learn more about COVID-19 and how we can help stop the spread, is invaluable. Hair professionals already have a good knowledge of the science behind the hair and scalp. If we can build on that and demonstrate that we have the knowledge and skills to offer our clients informed, science-based advice about health issues in regards to COVID-19, we can grow our standing in communities even further, and offer even more services to our clients” – Wil Fleeson, Director of Rainbow Room International’s Buchanan Street and Stirling salons.

For further info on the brand, visit Rainbow Room International here.