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| August 24, 2019

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Q Hair & Beauty: Tips On Getting Recruitment Right

Q Hair & Beauty: Tips On Getting Recruitment Right
Sam Robinson

“You can have it all,” Q Hair and Beauty managing director Dawn Lawrence Grant told senior stylist Amy Burgess when she asked if she could take a six-month sabbatical to tour around Asia. That phrase was echoed by 19-year-old Amy who intends to not only get the travel bug out of her system but experience a wealth of different cultures so that she can return full of inspiration and greater maturity to give her even greater focus on her blossoming career in hairdressing.


“We’re delighted to support Amy’s ambition as she has chosen absolutely the right time to embark on this,” explains Dawn. “She is well-established as a very talented stylist and I’m glad to see she is set on achieving her own personal goals without it affecting her career. ‘I believe good salons should encourage their team members to broaden their horizons, gain a wealth of life experience at a young age yet be able to come back and pick up where they left off’. 

Excellent Role Model

“Amy is an excellent role model – she has been with us since before she left school and has been good to us so we are happy to be good to her. She is devoted to forging a real career in the hairdressing industry and I think travelling will be an invaluable experience and she will come back inspired, which in turn will benefit our business. “Her tremendous enthusiasm and ambition are a marvellous example for other young hairdressers and with our support, she is proving to others that they can have it all.”

Setting Goals

Amy will be setting off on February 3, flying out for the start of a journey of inspiration that will take her all over South-East Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and then India. “I was a bit nervous about asking Dawn if I could take some time off to travel and come back to Q on my return,” Amy says. “I was thrilled when the first thing she said was ‘Wow!’ Working here is like being part of the Q family and I know this is where my career lies – once I get back I will be totally focused on it – and on saving for a mortgage.

About The Trip

“Nothing about my trip is set in stone. It will be like exploring a whole new world and I hope my colleagues and friends will be following my journey through my posts on Hair Instagram where I hope to capture the essence of all the different areas I go to, not just the wonderful scenery but the reality of life there, the way local people live.

Fuelling Creativity

“I believe I will be inspired by all kinds of things I’ll be looking at and my goal in each main destination is to create a beautiful image that will be the basis for a very loose hair design. I’ll be posting those images as I go along and if I am getting down what I’m seeing, then when I get back with a board of those images, I can take it from there, perfecting those designs. “I adore being creative so the hairdressing industry is perfect for me as trends are forever changing therefore you are always learning new techniques and using your creativity. Now that styles are not so set as they used to be, you can break the boundaries and let your imagination run free.”

Amy’s Career Journey

Amy joined the Tiger Club, Q Hair and Beauty’s unique after-school training scheme, in 2013 when she was just 14 and from then on her dream was to become a top stylist. She became an apprentice when she was 16 and graduated as a stylist in late 2016. She took full advantage of the many courses and further training offered to her and rapidly became one of Q’s rising stars. “I know that my future lies in further developing my career with Q but think that before I settle down and put my full focus on that, I need this travel experience to grow as a person and become more mature,” says Amy.

You can follow Amy’s hair journey on Instagram here, and for more information on Q Hair and Beauty visit Q Hair And Beauty here