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| November 27, 2021

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Project X Prepares for Salon International

Project X Prepares for Salon International
Sam Robinson

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project X team are on the countdown for their debut show at Salon International – and spent their penultimate day together getting suitably inspired for their presentation.

At The Tate 

The team met at London’s Tate Modern, where they spent the morning soaking up the influences of the art and contemplating how they’d turn their ideas into wearable hair concepts for their debut show. Project mentor Kai Wan had briefed them to choose an artist and create a moodboard based on their inspirations – “I wanted them to take a different look at creativity,” he says. “Their moodboard task was to choose an artist’s work and explore what it meant to them and how they could translate it to hair.”


After browsing work from such diverse artists as Picasso, Jenny Holzer and Cy Twombly, the team headed to the Alan d Academy in East London to share their inspirations and plan how they can be turned into concepts for the team’s debut show at Salon International.

Full Of Ideas

Team member Katie Hassall from HAIRHAUS says: “I’d been feeling a little creatively blocked recently, and a day at the Tate was just what I needed to lift my spirits and reignite my creativity. There was one particular exhibition where there were tons of brilliant fabrics and colours. This inspired a group of us to create a very textured look for Salon International. I left feeling full of ideas for our presentation – I can’t wait for it now!”

Inspiration Everywhere

Eloise Dudley from RUSH, Kensington, agrees, adding: “Our session with Robert Masciave last month showed me that anything and everything can be transformed and used for inspiration. It opened up my eyes and really made me look at the work at the Tate Modern.”

For more information on the initiative, you can visit Fellowship Hair here.