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| November 23, 2020

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Rebecca Parker

JOICO, the healthy hair company, is launching the new Vero K-Pak® Color Age Defy Natural Platinum Ash Series. The four new shades in the series deliver cool natural coverage to hair with 50% or more gray. A gray-blue platinum base gives the new series the cooling power to produce super lustrous natural cool tones while freezing out even the slightest bit of brassiness.

Over time, salon clients will likely begin to notice the signs of aging hair: increasing presence of gray, a dull and “flat” look, coarse and wiry texture and brittle strands that are prone to damage. Just like the existing Vero K-Pak Color Age Defy shades the new 4NPA+, 5NPA+, 6NPA+ and 7NPA+ not only provide beautiful color but also combat these signs of aging hair. Vero K-Pak Color Age Defy makes locks look, feel and act more youthful inside and out thanks to the breakthrough 3-Defense Technology. This technology is a deep- penetrating blend of time-released lipids, essential amino acids and bio-mimetic ceramides that help to soften and smooth the hair for renewed shine, extraordinary condition and manageability.

  • Natural shades with an ultra-cool gray-blue platinum base
  • Youthful gray coverage from the inside out
  • Softer, more manageable hair texture
  • Renewed luster and vibrancy
  • T op-of-the-line conditioning

    RRP £9.55

    For more information about JOICO: