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| January 17, 2022

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Paul Falltrick Talks Goal Setting for 2021

Paul Falltrick Talks Goal Setting for 2021
Sam Robinson

‘New year resolutions, whether you love or hate them there’s no denying that we’ve all got time on our hands to make a few! January’s always the time for planning and there’s a lot to think about even with the salon closed. So here are my 2021 resolutions albeit slightly late but hey with the way things are at the moment that’s to be expected right?

1. Finish the salon renovations
2. Take CleanIt to the next level
3. Embrace the opportunities that come with a new business partnership


We’re in the middle of a huge project for GFC hairdressing, renovating a new space to increase the size of the salon and I have to say having a big project to tackle is really helping keep me focused. There’s plenty demolition to be done so it’s a great stress reliever! As with any big project it will have to be completed in phases but the plan is for phase 1 to be finished very soon. But oh my goodness has project managing this been nightmare! For about a minute I thought having the salon closed would mean it would all get moving quicker but no, managing deliveries and trades during Covid is nearly impossible. We are so far behind schedule, I am really starting to feel the pressure.

Paul F 1


Phase 1 was supposed to be finished pre-xmas, as it stands now we’ve plastered and painted. We
are waiting for air conditioning unit, which is delaying getting the ceiling sorted, so therefore the floor isn’t done, so the desk isn’t going in and we’ve stopped completely. I have to be honest and I am sure every salon owner in the country has felt like this when taking on big projects but it just feels like every tiny element is causing a problem.

The big picture is that we’ve taken on the unit next door to our existing salon and laid out very
careful phases to renovate both spaces until we have one big, double fronted salon.
Phase 1: Was all about the new unit getting ready for clients, putting styling stations in with lots of space around them to create a spacious salon that would have clients feeling really at ease.
Phase 2: Working back in the original salon putting in a dispensary and new toilets.
Phase 3: Back in to the new shop, fitting a second basin area, photographic/IG area and office.
Phase 4: Working on the outside, new front fascias + taking it down to 1 front door instead of 2.
Phase 5: Sorting out the car park and client parking area. 


paul f 2 talks goal setting

It was all so carefully planned with stud walls going up to hide where the work was being done but
still allowing us to use the finished space, hopping between units, it was a masterplan!
Right now we’re working towards completely phase 1 so watch this space, more updates to follow!

Artistic Ambassador

So while the salon’s inching forward I figured now would also be a great time to really invigorate the staff and myself with a wonderful new challenge. I couldn’t be more delighted to have joined Revlon Professional as Artistic Ambassador. It’s a role I am really excited about and can’t wait to get the team onboard, we’re launching virtually to the team with doorstep drop offs for them to get their hands on the products so I’ll fill you in how that went next time’ – Paul Falltrick. 

Paul will be blogging regularly for us, so keep your eyes peeled for his next post. You can also find out more about his brand Paul Falltrick Hairdressing here.