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| January 26, 2020

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Patrick Marrow Tells Us Why Red Hair Is So Popular Right Now

Patrick Marrow Tells Us Why Red Hair Is So Popular Right Now
Sam Robinson

Why is red hair so popular right now? We caught up with Patrick Marrow, Crazy Color Brand Ambassador and Owner of HIVE Hair Manchester to find out more.

Pantone Speak

“Whether or not we are conscious of it, trends trickle their way into our lives and when Pantone speak, we listen. Like Fluorescent Yellow and Green as well as Ultraviolet last season, Living Coral has inspired people to add it to their palettes, whether it be on their clothes, or, which I prefer, their hair. Combine that with people having a much clearer grasp of their own identity and ‘professional’ environments understanding that the way their teams look have little to do with their work output, so people are out experimenting”.

Coppers + Corals 

“At the salon, we have seen more and more coppers, corals and all out orange hair than ever before, and we think this is why. What’s even better is, getting there is easy and far less stress on your hair as it takes a lot less lifting & in most circumstances, not even bleaching the hair at all!”

Go-To Formulas

We have some go-to formulas for intense red, and with the Crazy Colour shade chart, the options are endless. Try some of these shades separately or as a colour melt to really create impact.

  • 2 Parts Ruby Rouge to 1 Part Vermillion Red
  • Equal Parts Vermillion Red And Coral Red
  • Equal Parts Coral Red and Canary Yellow / Caution UV
  • And have fun!!!

For more info on the brands, please visit Crazy Color here, and Hive Hair MCR here