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| November 28, 2021

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Parent’s Biggest Hairdressing Mistakes Revealed

Parent’s Biggest Hairdressing Mistakes Revealed
Rebecca Parker

Parents across the nation are getting “scissor-happy” with their offspring’s hair, that’s according to a new study which has revealed that 35% of mums and dads cut their child’s hair instead of taking them to a professional salon. The study, conducted by SME Insurance Services, revealed the most common parental hairdressing mistakes and reasons as:

1. Inflicting a bad fringe (12%)

Roz Tabberer – “Pudding basin with a wonky fringe!”

2. Giving a wonky haircut (8%)

Emma Louise Fillier – “I only wanted to trim his fringe out of his eyes… but he kept moving and it kept getting shorter and shorter trying to even it out. Good job his hair grows fast.”

3. Cutting or shaving their child’s hair too short (6%)

Hope Smith – “My husband…”

4. Giving a “bowl cut” (5%)

Lynne Jury Newton – “The night before my first school photo was to be taken…needless to say I wasn’t too impressed with my new haircut, and no matter how much the photographer tried to make me smile he had to admit defeat and take the picture!”

The Findings

The findings highlighted that one-in-five (21%) parents have made mistakes so dire that they’ve had to take their child to a professional hairdresser to get them fixed. This leaves 79% of children facing potential embarrassment.

Parents are most likely to stop cutting their child’s hair at the age of nine, however, 3% of parents admitted to continuing to cut their child’s hair well into adulthood.

SME Insurance provides a specialist commercial insurance services for small and medium sized businesses, including hairdressers and salons.

To view the full survey findings, go to SME Insurance