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| May 27, 2020

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Oway Is Only Cosmetics Brand In FICO EATALY WORLD

Oway Is Only Cosmetics Brand In FICO EATALY WORLD
Rebecca Parker

Oway is proud to have been selected as the only cosmetics brand to take part in FICO EATALY WORLD, the world’s largest Agri-park based in Bologna, Italy. FICO, which opened its doors last week, honours Italian producers that embrace Italian agriculture. Oway, the Italian manufacturer of sustainable hair and beauty products, was invited to be a part of the park, in honour of Oway’s use of biodynamic ingredients, which the brand grows in the hills of Bologna, within its own biodynamic estate.

Its Biodynamic Farm

Oway, the family-owned manufacturer, produces its range of eco-sustainable hair and beauty products from ingredients sourced from its ‘Ortofficina’: a 50,000 square metre biodynamic farm in Bologna, where essential oil extracts are grown, harvested and distilled without the use of chemicals or solvents.

Oway view -

The Only Cosmetics Brand

FICO, which is a celebration of Italian producers that embrace the concept of ‘field to fork,’ brings together a mixture of eateries, food and wine manufacturers, together with household names, which all embrace Italian farming. Oway is the only cosmetics brand to be included in the Agri-park.

A Unique Re-Creation

The Oway concept is displayed at the FICO exhibition in two unique areas: an experimental shop-lab and the ‘H.OR.TO’ salon. The experimental shop-lab is a unique re-creation of Oway’s Ortofficina field, and includes a greenhouse counter, with a lighting system that simulates sunlight, which grows the same medicinal herbs that are grown in Oway’s fields. Plants such as lavender, rosemary and thyme are distilled in a water vapour system, to release the same essential oils that are found in Oway’s products. The shop-lab provides a unique opportunity for FICO visitors to experience Oway’s Ortfofficina field, first hand.

Oway Close Up -

A Bespoke Experience

The H.OR.TO salon is designed to combine biodynamic beauty and wellness with an experience that is bespoke and luxurious to each client. H.OR.TO – which stands for “Hair Organic Touch” and is suitably located in the former home of a fruit and vegetable market offers customers a multi-sensory wellness experience, and an opportunity to choose treatments and products that have been formulated with green chemistry, organic ingredients and feature environmentally-friendly packaging. Oway treatments on offer in theH.OR.TO salon include scalp analysis, iridologic analysis and holistic head and shoulder massage. In line with Oway’s ethos, both the shop-lab and the H.OR.TOsalon are zero-impact environments, powered by solar panels and featuring natural, plastic-free materials and furniture made exclusively of certified wood, glass and metal. Both spaces are naturally scented with plants and the 100% plant-derived ingredients.

A Word From Simone Sighinolfi

Oway’s International Commercial Director explains that “Being a part of FICO’s Agri-park presents an exciting opportunity for Oway and both the shop-lab and H.OR.TO salon within the exhibition are a unique method of exhibiting the brand’s use of biodynamic farming methods. Oway is extremely proud to be a part of this significant experience, to share in FICO’s values, and to demonstrate our mutual commitment to agriculture.”

You can find out more about Oway on their site here.