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| November 27, 2020

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Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil is the summer hair protection all curly girls need

Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil is the summer hair protection all curly girls need
Sam Robinson

Extreme heat can play havoc with curly hair. Enter Mongongo Oil from Ouidad, the curly girls summer hair saviour, providing a protective barrier from UV rays and extreme heat.

The Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment (RRP: £38.00):

• Infused with oil from the Mongongo Nut⁠.
• Blended with Coconut & Broccoli Seed Oil⁠.
• Formulated without sulphates, parabens or waxes⁠.


Whether wavy, coily, spiralled, or kinky, when it comes to curls, this multi-use, miracle product has been carefully designed to work for each curl type’s individual needs – as a conditioner, a leave-in⁠ treatment, a heat protectant and as a finisher.⁠⠀Made with oil from the Mongongo Nut and blended with Coconut, American Palm Seed Oil, and Broccoli Seed Oil, this lightweight formula helps seal split ends and protect against heat while restoring moisture after a long day in the sun, sand or surf.

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Classic Curls

On classic curls, Mongongo Oil is brilliant for smoothing frizz and flyaways, while tight curls will love the way it adds illuminating shine and smooths the cuticle to perfect each individual coil. It leaves kinky curl types silky soft, strong, and protected by locking in the moisture and nourishment curls crave.

The oil from this nutritious nut is known as “hair food” in its native Zambia. It packs a potent dose of Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, an essential, unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that promotes hair health-for your best, most beautiful curls.

Why Ouidad

Ouidad is committed to providing an exceptional service that is personalised, empathetic, truthful, respectful and proud. The brand places education at the core of everything it does and is devoted to educating stylists and customers about the unique needs and solutions for naturally curly hair.

    • Ouidad is a specific range dedicated to curls.
    • 65% of the population have textured hair.
    •  97% of curly consumers are looking for curly cuts and products that work for their hair.
    • Curly consumers buy three times the amount of product vs. people with straight hair.

To find out more about Ouidad products and to become a Ouidad Salon, visit Wonderful-Brands here.