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| October 20, 2021

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Not Another Salon Shares the Wolf Cut in Colour Trend

Not Another Salon Shares the Wolf Cut in Colour Trend
Sam Robinson

The Wolf Cut has been blowing up on Tik Tok but for those who aren’t familiar with this new trending cut, it’s a collaboration between the two most iconic 2021 haircut trends, the shag and the mullet. Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color Ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon, says:

More Commercial

“The wolf cut is a way of making the mullet easier to swallow. It’s a softer, more commercial way to cut layers shorter so that this cut can be adopted by a wider range of people. The whole point of the cut is easy maintenance and I believe it’ll be the biggest cut of 2021-22”

From Korea

The trend originated in Korea and has since been adopted by Gen Z. Now, London’s colour specialist destination, Not Another Salon, are here to give it a colourful UK twist.
Get your Instagram/Tik Tok feed ready, because it’s quite the visual delight.

The Copper Wolf

red wolf -

Warm, bold and a little bit wild.. Just like the name suggests. Not Another Salon suggests using Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent shades in Orange and Fire for a super vibrant,
orange-toned look, or mixing in a few drops of Vermillion Red for a more earthy, red-toned look.

The Pink Wolf

pink wolf -

The most versatile of the bunch, the Pink Wolf works as a soft, subtle pastel shade, for this version Not Another Salon uses Crazy Color’s shades Marshmallow or Candy Floss, or for a strong, vibrant version they’d recommend Crazy Color’s shade Cyclamen. Not Another Salon also like to bleed the tones together to create a strong, vibrant root that melts
away into soft pastel lengths. This works with any colour combination but is especially on trend in pink!

The Aqua Wolf

aqua wolf -

Love bright blue and green tones? This one’s for you.
Using the same Not Another Salon colour bleed technique they love to mix up a blue shade for the roots, that melts into a green shade through the lengths.To take this look to the next level they suggest using Crazy Color’s Neon range in shade Toxic UV. Toxic UV is super special because it’s a vibrant neon in daylight, but transforms to glow in the dark under blacklight! Now that’s what we call ‘Tik Tok appropriate’!

Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent Color is available in 40 shades, RRP £5.50,