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| January 17, 2022

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Newness From R + Co

Newness From R + Co
Rebecca Parker

Start With DART

This Pomade stick creates a perfectly textured detailed look. Whether you want to go for messy texture, groomed definition, or are just looking to tame a few pesky flyaways.

Good For

Creating long lasting texture and shapes, while taming on-the-go flyaways.

How To

Apply on damp or dry hair. For short hair, work in a circular motion over the whole head and then shape as desired. To tame flyaways, apply at scalp line. For groomed combmarks, turn to skinny side and apply in streaks from front to back.


Serious Gaze

Benefit Ingredients

Caster Seed Oil:

An effective humectant that draws moisture into the hair and keeps hair looking soft and shiny.

Candilla Wax:

A plant derived wax that helps to prolong hairstyles by forming a protective barrier that seals out moisture.

Jojoba Esters:

Rich in essential nutrients. Effectively moisturises hair without leaving a residue. Adds vitality and shine to dull hair.


0.5 OZ 

Price: :


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