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| December 1, 2023

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Rebecca Parker

Sixth Sense Salon is proud to announce the launch of its new salon based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

After two years in business, Sixth Sense decided to invest all profits back into the salon – striving to create a space that exudes a unique atmosphere throughout different areas of the layout. The first step was encouraging their landlord to grant more square feet so that they could expand, while step two was planning a new interior that would set the brand apart from the competition and offer clients a truly unique experience.

To determine a new and improved vibe, they turned their back on the inspiration provided by other salons (who all seemed to follow the same mould). Instead, they focused their vision on independent bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. After all, these are environments that the core target market 25-35-year-olds (millennials) feel comfortable in. Scandi-inspired exposed/distressed wood, the use of on-trend Pantone colours, and original takes on quirky artwork, were combined to build a brand identity. With our “boutique style” mood boards in hand, work began over Christmas 2016, opening with an improved look on Saturday 7th Jan (with work due to be fully completed by the start of February 2017).

Sixth Sense has worked to break the space up into separate rooms, much like a spa experience that provides the client with something different to look at / talk about wherever they are within the salon.

The salon is split into several different areas.

Main Salon:

The two managers (Dean and Dean) each had their own direction for the main space; with one favouring shabby chic and the other Scandinavian bespoke antique. The salon designer worked to blend both personalities together, in an area that uses an opal Pantone colour (which is known to both spark creativity and aid relaxation). The reception desk, coffee table, magazine rack, and shelving are handmade for an original, bespoke finish.

Middle Salon:

This room is like the beating heart of the salon, so the team knew it had to be a comfortable zone (in corporate colours) which captures our company ethics and helps project the love they have for what we do. We added bespoke artwork and quotes, pictures of the team, documentation, and photos of all our work. Creating a sense of identity and showing how proud they are of the salon team.

Back Salon:

This is where the colour bar is located, so this room had to be rich in inspiration and colour. On the main wall, there is a hard-airbrushed hair design which incorporates the brand’s colours and logo, alongside an ‘inspiration wall’ and a “selfie” type space. These wall spaces were created specifically to take selfies/hair pictures, and have photos that inspire the team; viewing it almost as a real-life.

Secret Treatment Room:

The secret treatment room is inspired by the awesome spa hotel Aman, based in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a treatment/basin room located away from the salon, where customers feel completely removed from the busy hub and can truly relax. Within this room, there are state of the art reclining Japanese massage chairs, and intelligent mood lighting that works in sync with ambient music that has been specifically written for our room. For the perfect touch, the room temperature is electronically controlled to ensure that it remains at a specific temp at all times, while a trained scentologist carefully selects fragrances that work to encourage relaxation. No detail has been overlooked in creating our oasis of calm and tranquillity that throws back to the days when a haircut or colour was a real luxurious treat.

Salon Owner Dean Robertson said: “We wanted to create a totally unique salon, where the whole emphasis is on the client both looking and feeling fantastic. A visit to a salon needs to feel like a treat, and we wanted to incorporate the idea of a “little luxury” throughout the salon design. Clients are already leaving positive reviews on social media channels, which is fantastic considering it’s only been a couple of months since we launched the new salon”.